As a Relator you will naturally gravitate towards people, being supportive to others and are collaborative in your approach.

What this means for your Personal Brand: 

You find putting yourself forward and owning your strengths and achievements difficult, preferring to share the credit with others.

In order to move forward and establish yourself in your own right you will need to find ways and opportunities to move out from the shadows of the team and demonstrate your unique value. This can be something simple like formally sharing your team successes with your Manager but making sure you take ownership of them, or pushing outside your comfort zone and volunteering to speak at an internal or external event. Either way you need to raise your own profile and be recognised for the contribution you make as an individual.


As an Expressive you are naturally glass half full. Your sunny disposition, boundless enthusiasm and good humour makes you a great team player and asset to any organisation. 

What this means for your Personal Brand:

Expressives thrive in cultures that are empowered and autonomous so that they have the space to be creative and the freedom to try out their ideas. As visionaries and big picture thinkers they can appear to be frivolous and lacking in rigour, more interested in changing the world than accepting realities. This can put them at odds with other styles who seek a more logical approach. Depending on your audience always try to support your ambitious thinking with evidence and data. 


As an Analyst you love a spreadsheet and getting deep deep into the data. Intelligent and precise you need time to digest and process information before making an informed, risk based decision 

What this means for your Personal Brand:

Your rigour will either be appreciated by others who will look to your expertise and your insight before making a judgment or you will be seen as slow and prone to prevarication. Planning for all eventualities is your forte but try not to let the need to polish and perfect get in the way of showing your true value: whilst you wait for the ducks to line up, others will be forging ahead.


As a Driver you will always be looking to move forward at pace and keen to complete your task list before moving onto the next new challenge. 

What this means for your Personal Brand: 

Your energy and speed of decision making can leave others behind so you might appear disinclined to listen or take on board alternative opinions. If you find you struggle to get traction for some of your initiatives you might need to adjust your tempo and approach. Secondly Drivers suffer from boundary issues, if you want something doing give it to a Driver. But being overly busy can be counter-productive, so ensure that any extras are strategically aligned with your career goals.