Make your first impression count!

What exactly is an Elevator Pitch and why do you need one?

Your Elevator is a pithy, but memorable summary of who you are and what you are about. It is an essential component of your Personal Branding toolkit. It covers

  • What you do for your company or clients
  • Establishes your credibility and experience
  • Helps you appear self-confident and prepared to answer those awkward questions such as ‘what do you do?’ ‘Tell me a bit about yourself’ without the umms and aahs

Why is called an Elevator Pitch?

Since people are often short on time with zero attention span they usually don’t want a long-winded introduction, so it’s best to keep it to 45 seconds or less — hence the name, the time it would take in an elevator from one floor to another

How do you introduce yourself when asked?

If you were asked you to introduce yourself, right now without any preparation what would you say?
You might be stumped for a moment but your answer is likely to start with your name and job title which the conventional norm but we are so much more than what we do and defining yourself by your job title does you and your Personal Brand a huge disservice.
Your Elevator Pitch on the other hand makes for an impactful, memorable introduction. It is something you can use at networking events, conferences, internal meetings, even job interviews

But to craft a compelling Elevator pitch you need to have something of interest to say, something which will make you memorable to your audience and that’s where Value Proposition comes into play

A Value Proposition

Your Value Proposition is best described as what it is you uniquely have to offer:
What you and your brand bring to the table? What sets you apart, what problems you solve and for who

For example this is my Value Proposition

“I’m a Personal Brand coach helping ambitious women leaders and founders reach their goals simply by being themselves”

In one sentence it covers

  • Who – my audience (women leaders and founders)
  • What I do (Personal Branding)
  • Why I do it – the benefit to my audience (achieve their goals)
  • Outcome – the value – in this case authenticity not conforming to expectations or compromising who they are to achieve that success

With an elevator pitch you build on this by adding in a bit more detail about

Who you are
The company your work for and what it does
Your why….why you do what you do, your ambitions

So my elevator pitch would be

I’m Mel Stanley, founder of FirstWoman. FirstWoman is a Personal Brand consultancy based in the UK
I work exclusively with aspiring women leaders and founders who want to be successful but who don’t want to have to compromise their values and principles to do so. Thats the benefit of having a captivating personal brand, it brings success on your terms.

This is more than enough for my audience to have a clear idea of what I do with enough detail to provoke further interest. And that’s all you want from an Elevator Pitch.

The video will take you through the steps to creating your pitch but you may need to watch it a few times to get exactly what you want. I have rewritten and tinkered with my pitch numerous times, it’s always evolving

So try it out and let me know how you get on.


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