Gaining a reputation as an effective authentic leader requires long term vision and front line execution. What makes a good manager is fundamentally different to what is needed to lead effectively.

It is easy to suppose that leadership qualities are simply a quirk of personality, you’ve either got Executive presence or you haven’t. But harnessing and leveraging these qualities is a fundamental skill if you are to be recognised as a leader whether you are a natural or not, which is where your Personal Leadership Brand comes into play

What is a Personal Leadership Brand?

Your leadership brand is how your Personal Brand plays out in the social process of leadership. In other words, it’s how you interact with others to produce results

While the sum of your previous interactions and experiences with other people may all be in the past, the Personal Leadership brand you aspire to should guide you into the future. It’s all about who you are and your vision.
A well-tended leadership brand is a reflection of your deepest values, and it helps people — including yourself — define who you are and assess your anticipated value as a leader

Realising what you want your leadership brand to be gives focus to your actions. It helps you clarify what you should and shouldn’t be doing. It is the proactive way to work and lead in ways that are authentic, not based on the expectations of others

Articulating and cultivating your personal leadership brand has many benefits

  • A powerful leadership brand can enhance your ability to achieve your career goals. Whether you aspire to a higher-level position or want different challenges than you currently have, you need a leadership brand that signals your capabilities and interests
  • Your leadership brand can help you broaden and deepen your impact. Your brand reflects not only the work you get done, but how you interact with and relate to others to do so. Do you work effectively with others? Do you build and sustain partnerships? The way you engage in the social process of leadership helps you to execute or scale work and creates a leadership brand that others will likely remember and talk about
  • Your leadership brand differentiates you from other leaders based on your own unique value. When you have a clear leadership brand, people know what to expect from you versus others. Maybe you are uniquely able to organise complex projects, mediate disagreements, or develop others. When people think about your brand, those talents should immediately come to mind. You will then be pulled into roles where those talents are valued — and because we are generally better at doing things we like, you will be given more opportunities to do the type of work you enjoy

And the cost of not having one?

A leadership brand that lacks clarity will stall your growth and keep you in roles where you don’t thrive

Without a clear and well- communicated leadership brand, others may be unaware of your capabilities, your value, and the contributions you make.

So taking time to define and improve your unique leadership traits will elevate you in your field and in the eyes of your team

A strong Personal Brand is imperative to anyone’s business success. For leaders, the required brand traits include a special combination of humility and self-awareness, as well as the capacity to plan and execute innovative plans while effectively motivating a team and inspiring confidence in clients.

It all adds up to a message that exudes confidence, magnetism and that all important executive presence


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