If you are looking to make the step up into a Leadership role this year take some time to reflect on your mindset….how open are you to challenge and growth..really…. because leadership will bring both….in spades

Over the course of my career I’ve encountered many really competent managers who want promotion, some have even demanded it. But here’s the rub: Great leaders rarely happen as a result of tenure or performance in the current role. In fact, those are often the worst combinations!

You’ll have met individuals who are clearly ‘going places’. What sets these women and men apart is that they have a Personal Brand Leadership mindset. This is based on the ability to communicate their vision, take ownership for their progress and inspire confidence and trust. They don’t wait for opportunity to come their way and complain when it doesn’t, they manufacture it.

They are intentional. They go out of their way to be known for something positive, to excel in one or two areas and build their professional reputation on that platform

Here are the different features of a Manager vs Personal Brand Leadership Mindset


  • Blending In                                                                 Having a distinct personal identity

  • Sticking to a linear, predictable career path            Looking for the new career opportunity

  • Striving for career success                                         Aiming for holistic success

  • Relying on education & technical competence        Building on experiences

  • Seeking a particular vertical position                       Showcasing diverse competencies

  • Creating an externally driven career                        Creating a self driven career

  • Waiting for annual reviews                                       Success based on strategic career goals 

  • Playing office politics                                                 Building trust based on authenticity

  • Striving for a label/title                                             Curating an evolving personal brand

  • Working on a project someone else owns               Taking personal ownership 

Think hard. Be honest with yourself. How many of these features can you say ‘yup that’s me’ 

Developing a Personal Leadership Brand is an essential career tool if you are looking to transition from Manager to Leader and really make your mark in 2022 


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