One of the questions I am often asked is why do you only coach women?

If having a Personal Brand can rapidly increase your career prospects why would it be any different for women?

Well, here’s the thing.

Women navigate a very narrow path at work; they are expected to be assertive but pleasant, outspoken but warm, and successful but never self-promoting.

We still have to self-define in a world of gender stereotypes and leadership gaps

Whether it’s nature, nurture or social conditioning women are more fearful of taking risks because we are subject to greater scrutiny, judged more harshly and quickly labelled for behaviours which when exhibited by a man would be positively received

  • A man showing leadership skills is a woman being bossy
  • A man being proud of his achievements is a woman who is full of herself
  • A man who voices an opinion is assertive, whereas a woman is deemed aggressive

For all these reasons women fear vilification so it’s safer to stay in the background rather than take centre stage.

But in leaving that to the guys, we miss out on opportunities for promotion. 

We run the risk of being invisible and our counter strategy of working hard and hoping our efforts reap rewards is counterproductive.  Our super competency simply sticks us to the floor

Women have all the talent to succeed

What we often lack is clarity of message, confidence and visibility and having a captivating Personal Brand can go a long way to overcoming these barriers to success.

I want as many women as possible to be able to build the professional career they want and have all the success and recognition that comes with that.

BUT I also acknowledge that not everyone is in the position to invest in Private Coaching so I turned my proven 3 stage coaching framework into an online course Personal Brand Accelerator. The most comprehensive Personal Brand development course for aspiring women leaders

The course covers three areas:

  • Your foundation Personal brand, Value Proposition and what you want to be known for…your reputation
  • Aligning your long term career vision with your Personal Brand values, strengths and expertise
  • and a plan to get there including strategies and tactics for amplifying and activating your Personal brand such as creating an Elevator Pitch

Personal Brand Accelerator is about unlocking your true potential. The end result can be whatever you want it to be – a promotion, a new job, a complete change of career, starting a new business

This course is about the art of the possible!



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